drawmohammed.com - A site with all the original cartoons are well as user submitted ones.
drawmohammad.com - Slightly different spelling, slightly different theme. This one provides a paint like program for you to make your images and upload them right on the site.
Rydas.Com Forum - This links to the topic about the whole issue. It contains links and information.
Rydas.Com Poll - This is a poll I made to illustrate how different things are offensive to different people and how important it is for us to have a right to depict them anyway. Feel free to sign up and vote.
JesusandMo.Net - It is irreverant as well as funny. Learn to laugh a little, it beats killing people.
danishcartoons.ytmnd.com/ - Look folks, it's a YTMD! Seriously, watch this all the way through. It both explains everything as well as explains the threat that is posed.
ibloga.blogspot.com. Probably the best blog dealing with the subject. Go there to learn stuff.
thestudyofrevenge.blogspot.com. The blog for a artist that did this image. Some other interesting stuff there as well.
DumbReligion.Com Fellow banned in Pakistan site with one spiffy URL and some interesting stuff.