EDMD Wrap Up
Everybody draw Mohammed day has come and gone and rather than taking up all the space on this page to summarize, here are what some blogs had to say on the subject:

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Draw Mohammed Day
Here I am trying to blow some of the dust off my horribly crappy site which is one of only a few of the original banned in Pakistan sites that is still remaining. Apparently Southpark decided to take a stand and the radical Islamists just can't have that. Now we have a new round of pages vanishing, being panned in Pakistan and people caving to threats. I should have spent more time updating and caring for this page to be honest. Had I known it was going to get some attention and be linked to from some fairly impressive people I would have. However, I am lazy...

Having said that, I'm still trying to do my part so here's a update. Since a artist suggested a "Draw Mohammed Day", a lot has gone on. Mostly it was being bowing to pressure and pages vanishing. In other words, more of the same. Instead of trying to update and educate people, here are some links. Unfortunately stuff like this has a habit of going away:
Draw Mohammed Day on Wikipedia
Everybody Draw Mohammad Day @ Facebook
Everybody draw muhammed day May 20th (back up) @ Facebook
FoxNews story about Facebook pages vanishing

Lost in translation?
Bridgett Bardot is on trial in France. Apparently her crime is "inciting racial hatred". I loath racism, however disliking people or even hating people shouldn't be a crime. Nor should saying you dislike or hate people. It doesn't make it nice, it doesn't make it the moral thing to do but since when should any government be the one to decide which speech is appropriate?

I keep wondering if it's just translated incorrectly but they keep saying her "crime" was this statement: "I am fed up with being under the thumb of this population which is destroying us, destroying our country and imposing its acts". Now, I'm pretty sure that ethnicity or culture does not constitute a race. I didn't see anything stating that she had any problem at all with Arabs or any race, she is making a complaint about the culture and how the Muslim community is conducting itself. As for context, I did find other examples of her complaining about Islam, which is a religion not a race. One could argue she is a xenophobe but since when should that be a crime? Ultimately her crime was that she had the audacity to complain about Muslims.

Keep in mind that this is the country that well known 9/11 conspiracy theories and anti-semitic documents originated from. Not only has she been tried multiple times but others have been fined for such statements as "The defendant pits the French against the Muslims ... and attempts to arouse ... a feeling of rejection and hostility towards the Muslim community". As this link alludes to, how can you even engage in a conversation on the subject? You can't, you are just supposed to keep your head down...

Link: Brigitte Bardot on trial

Because it needs to be done...
I haven't updated this poorly done site in a very long time. I didn't update it when Michelle Malkin discussed the whole banned in Pakistan thing and linked to this site. I didn't even update it when there was a plot to kill the Danish cartoonists (yes over a damn drawing). However, there has been one thing that I have been keeping a eye on: Fitna. Now, firstly I don't think that Fitna is really all that big of a deal. Secondly, I will not claim to be in complete agreement. However, what I am incensed by is the fact that Network Solutions (which hosts many other sites including Hizbollah.org up until the 26th of March) decided to suspend the Fitna site PRIOR to the release of the video. Yes, Network Solutions can be a registrar for a myriad of controversial sites (such as JewWatch.com), terrorist sites but by God they are not going to tolerate a anti-Islam site.

In either case Fitna is on Liveleak and has since been mirrored here. It is not important that you watch it, it is important that you are able to watch it.

Banned In Pakistan!
Now that the Pakistani Government saw fit to not only ban my site (and 11 others), but circulated a cool memo (click the Banned link for more info), I thought I should try to fix things up a bit.

I know the site still sucks, but hey... it sucks with frames now. Yeah frames, no PHP scripts here. There isn't much new content, but you can now email me and click links and I can pretend this is a real site worthy of being banned...
Ok I'm full of crap it isn't worth going to much less banning. But looky! I even added retro-news updated below to pretend I've been updating!

Site goes online..
This crappy site is here as a show of support for people standing up for freedom of expression and for those who will not let bullies and thugs control their way of life.